The House of Kolor Digital Paintbooth 3D has two versions of the software to choose from, along with an upgrade option for previous "Professional Version" users

Single Version

  • One vehicle from database
  • Unlimited usage
  • 360ª views
  • Downloadable
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Professional Version

  • All vehicles in database
  • Unlimited usage
  • 360ª views
  • Downloadable
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Professional Upgrade

  • Upgrade an older Professional
  • Get the newest Professional Version
  • Old version serial number required
  • Downloadable
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About the


The Digital Paint Booth is an interactive 3D design tool to help users create visions of how their custom car will look before they complete the work.

Digital Paint Booth 3D uses a simplified interface so you do not have to be a pro.

The tools and functionality of the software were developed with the "Car Guy" in mind. So no giant learning curve like other professional graphics software packages.


Decisions, Decisions, Decisions! We are here to help! With the software you can choose from Kandy colors to Pearls to Flats and just about everything in between. You can pick from over 350 colors or make your own based off of those colors.


They say wheels make or break the looks of a car and with the software we can help. Everything from white walls and steelies to big billet wheels, we have most styles covered. You can adjust wheel size, wheel offest, tire width & tire profile.


The "Graphics" section has multiple tools to allow you to create simple or complex graphics. There is a tool to build your own shapes as well as a tool for prebuilt graphics. You can do it all from flames to old school pinstriping in the prebuilt graphics.


Choose to place your vehicle in one of several environments. These settings will actually reflect in the vehicle paint and show you how light will effect the color. From sunrise/sunset to factory lots to studios, you decide!

Digital Paint Booth 3D uses ground breaking technology to allow you to see you vehicle from all angles.
  • Complete 360° views of the vehicle
  • Raytraced Rendering for results
  • CPU based, no graphics card requirements
  • Just plain fun to play with
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